A Holistic Approach to Anxiety, Depression and Stress.

Life can be very complicated at times, and we might feel completely alone as we try to do everything and help everyone arounds us. Sometimes life changing events can cause our anxiety to flare up, but often we just don't know why something seems so scary or why we feel so anxious and stressed.

If you are dealing with the feeling of not being good enough to even be alive at times, I personally know that it is one of the worst thoughts, that life has no meaning, that our relationships are chaotic and we feel so lost that we don't even see any other way to move on and be happy. 

I have done some deep work on childhood trauma, break-ups, divorce, major changes of career and loss of faith. The crave we have to find ourselves is nothing but us craving to reconnect with our pure essence that we were born with. 

We have a tendency to forget who we are, to listen to someone else's feedback and to think we need more in order to be happy. It is time for us to relearn how to trust ourselves, discover what lights our souls up and to find meaning in our lives. 

I am a huge advocate for mental health and have found many ways that help me reconnect with myself. The most important lesson I have learned and the most important aspect of my practice, is to find emotional safety, self-love and self soothing techniques so that we feel empowered to deal with anything while grounded with emotional balance. 

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